Garlic Daiquiri

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Mother: White Truffle, Gorilla Butter F2 (FreshCoast – BeLeaf Cut)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Gas, Garlic, Butter, Dough, BO


Mother: Grape Cream Cake (Bloom)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Grape, Garlic, Feet 


Mother: Apple Fritter (Lumpy)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Apple Cinnamon, Caramelized Candy


Mother: Chocolate Mint OG (Humboldt Seed Origination)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Gas, Hot Coco, &…Pickles


Mother: Caribbean Vampire (TPS)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)



Mother: Notorious (Swamp Boys)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Intense Garlic Stank

BlackHorn Unicorn

blackhorn unicorn

Mother: Blackberry x Triple Purple Rhino (Doc Dank)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Gas in and Berry out.


Mother: Pirates Breath (Tiki Madman)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Garlic Funk, BO, hints of candy

PB Garlic Spill

Mother: Peanut Butter Punch x Mendo Montage F3 (Thug Pug & Secret Society

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Buttery gas and burnt rubber.

Gumdrop Pop

Mother: Gumdrop Buttonz (TPS)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Deep Berries and FUNK!

Doja Daiquiri

Mother: Triple Purple Pie (Doc Dank)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Gassy fruits and garlic funk

Artificial Funk

Mother: Velveeta Breath (ThugPug)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Sweet Gas with hints of cheese

Peppermint Daiquiri

peppermint daiquiri

Mother: Peppermint Agave (Compound)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Peppermint, Vanilla, Garlic

Diesel Daiquiri

Mother: Texas Terpz (TPS)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: GAS and FUNK!

TropBack Daq

Mother: Tropical Trufflez (TPS)

Father: Garlic Daiquiri (TPS)

Aroma: Sour Gas, Cake, Fruit

Garlic Daiquiri


Mother: GMO (Skunk Master Flex Cut)

Father: Sour Tropical Zkittlez F2 (TPS)

Aroma: Artificial Garlic & Tropical Fruits

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