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Sour Tropical
Zkittlez F2

Mother: Sour Tropical Zkittlez (TikiMadman)

Father: Sour Tropical Zkittlez (TikiMadman)

Aroma: Tropical Fruits w/ hints of vanilla and gas. 



Mother: GMO (Mamiko-SkunkMasterFlex cut)

Father: Sour Tropical Zkittlez F2 (TPS)

Aroma: Garlic, Vanilla, Rotten Fruit


Mother: Tropicana Cookies (HarryPalms)

Father: Garlic Breath (ThugPug)

Aroma: Artificial Fruit Punch & garlic powder

Purple Playground


Mother: Strawberry Recess (Second Generation)

Father: Dirry Little Secret (NorStar)

Aroma: Grap, gas and Black pepper. 

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